Gledhill Breakdown Agreement

I had a gledhill contract on a pulsa-reel boiler for 5 years and more. On request, the engineer came to tell me “beyond economic repair." Because the solution would take him a few hours! If it is something that goes beyond a simple solution, they will not do it. The boiler is also the worst boiler I`ve ever had. Does not recommend the product or support. . Terrible service and communication from Gledhill. He booked a service for my tank in October and was told it would take them 6 weeks to arrive. Book the service for November 10, they paid the money in advance, as they requested. I waited all day until they arrived to serve the tank so they wouldn`t arrive. Call them in the afternoon to see if they were coming and they were informed that they had changed the service date to February 17 and forgot to inform me. You are very happy to take your money, but not deliver the service – requested for a refund. Homeowners who purchase our complete package of care coverage take advantage of a single point of contact for repairs in their apartment – to eliminate the stress and worry of finding a well-implanted installer or electrician on site and avoiding unforeseen repair bills throughout the year.

As with any device, your Gledhill device may need to be repaired or maintained regularly. Gledhill Response is the only official and licensed Gledhill repair specialist with the knowledge and experience to provide the specialized care your heating and hot water system needs. It`s disappointing to read negative reviews, but for me I won`t rent Gledhill enough for its excellent service, I had problems heating and boiler that Redhill sorted and repaired. If you want absolute calm, feel free to take a policy with them. Again, thank you Redhill Continuing payment, I certify and I agree that I read the terms and conditions. To download our terms and conditions of sale, please click here. Gledhill Response Ltd uses the Quartix vehicle tracking system to make the operation of its fleet more efficient and ensure the safety of its mobile personnel. They moved to Quartix after having problems with a former supplier who linked them to long leases from which they struggled to get out. Avoid this business for boiler maintenance. I joined them after leaving home care with British gas, because it was more competitive in terms of price. There was a reason they were cheaper! Twice, try to book at the Kesselcheck. The first time they cancelled it, the second time didn`t show up at all and a day lost.

I called her and terminated my contract. They then continued to calculate my account for 2 months later. When I called her back to complain, I was told it was my fault that I had not cancelled my collection system. I was told that it was another company that made my account easier and had nothing to do with them. At one point I said I was going to get a refund, but a lot of trouble and a lesson well learned. I`m back at British Gas Homecare and normal service is picking up happily.