Saskatoon Fire Department Collective Agreement

At the end of each month, the work program updates a list of collective agreements from previous years that include 500 or more employees in provincial regions and 100 or more employees in federal jurisdiction. Caption: New addition to the offer. indicates that the compensation is displayed for the first time in the list. The agreement has been ratified. indicates that a new regime has been ratified. The comparison now employs less than 500 people. points out that the new subdivision now has fewer than 500 employees (province) or less than 100 employees (federal). Since its inception more than 75 years ago, CUPE Local 59 has fought hard and won for the benefits and improvements in working conditions for its members. We are committed to improving the professional lives of women and men in our union and community! Water technician, expert, accountant, carpenter, cashier, babysitter, manager, claims manager, social security officer, computer system officer, administrator, design assistant, engineer, event attendant, golf course assistants, inspectors, workers, lifeguards, meter readers, operators, painters, planners, park technicians, pool technician, recreation, our members offer quality services to Saskatoon citizens through various abilities and abilities Including: Our members work in places such as: City Hall, East City Grounds, parks, libraries, civic centers, arenas, oval speed skating, swimming grounds, games, police station, fire halls, TCU Square and SaskTel Centre.