Is There Vat On Rental Agreements

2. Leases of the main residence of tenants: under the sixth reform of the State, each of the three regions of Belgium has adopted its own right of rent for residential housing, namely: rental contracts without housing (i.e. for offices, retail and hotels) which provide for an annual rent of more than 250,000 euros , provided that these leases do not have damage to buildings of historical value confirmed by a local by-law. , should not be subject to the mandatory provisions of the Rent Act. In other words, for such leases, the parties are free to agree on conditions that depart from the mandatory provisions of the Rent Act which generally benefit the tenant. This new option applies to all leases concluded after November 11, 2014. However, leases are governed by certain rules established by the Italian civil code (for example. B the rules for sharing food responsibility between the landlord and the tenant). But if you pay an incentive to a potential tenant who in turn offers you a different benefit than the one that usually results from entering the lease, then there is a delivery. VAT depends on the nature of the benefits that could include.

B building improvements or repairs. They may be required to pay money or money to a local authority or a third party under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and other similar agreements, in addition to buildings or structures. For example, they may pay money for the future maintenance of a building or land or to help improve infrastructure. These amounts do not constitute a consideration for taxable deliveries made to you by the local authority or by the third party. If you don`t know how much you receive at the time of delivery, there is a tax point each time you receive a payment for the purchase. If you grant a rent-free period or rent reduction to a tenant who agrees to do something in return, then you have made and received a delivery. These two deliveries are equivalent, but do not necessarily have the same VAT debt. If nothing is done or received in return for the rent-free period, then no delivery has been made for that period. Renting is what is called an “exempt supply," which means that these rents do not attract VAT.