Del Tech Transfer Agreements

For the transfer of an individual course to or from Delaware Tech, an equivalency advice is offered. Students should consult their counsellor or the host institution`s admissions service to learn how to apply a transferable course to their main requirements and to set the age limits for acceptable courses. The decision to apply transfer credits to a particular minor or minor and the age limits for acceptable courses are determined by the receiving institution. Delaware Technical Community College (DTCC, Delaware Tech or Del Tech) is a public university in the state of Delaware. Delaware Tech is an open accredited accredited institution by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The college offers more than 100 diplomas, diplomas and certification programs. Of these programs, 48 are accredited with joint contracts with 61 other institutions. It`s the only college in the state. The college`s four-composer campuses are the Jack F. Owens Campus of Georgetown, Delaware, Stanton Campus in Stanton, Delaware, the Charles L.

Terry Campus in Dover and the Orlando J. George, Jr. Campus campus in Wilmington, Delaware. [1] On Wednesday, representatives of Delaware Technical Community College and Salisbury University gathered at the Jack F. Owens campus in Georgetown to announce scholarships for Delaware Tech Associates graduates who move to the Maryland institution. Colleges currently have ten existing transfer contracts for Delaware Tech Business Degree graduates to enroll in the ER Franklin P. Perdue School of Business in one of ten programs: accounting, corporate administration, finance, finance, financial finance, financial planning, financial investments, information systems, management, management and marketing personnel. There are also agreements in employment/social work departments and clinical laboratory laboratory/medical medical technique. Other transfer agreements are under way for environmental technologies. Please note that agreements for related contracts are often revised. Please contact your programming advisor for the purposes of the corresponding program, based on the term you have authorized to use for Delaware Tech. Students from Delaware Technical and Community College who go to Delaware State University are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship.

To qualify for the scholarship, transferor students must have obtained an associate degree with an average of at least 2.5 and enroll in DSU with at least a 12-point course program. Delaware Technical Community College has Connected Degree agreements and programs with other universities in the state. Individuals can acquire a degree associated with Del Tech and then transfer previously earned credits to other Delaware institutions at a potentially lower cost to the student. Of the more than 200 connected grading contracts, most are with the University of Delaware, Delaware State University and Wilmington University. If you are not eligible for the open degree program and wish to obtain admission to university, you can apply for admission as part of the normal university admission procedure. Delaware Tech currently has dual admissions contracts with two partner institutions, Delaware State University and Wilmington University. Dual admission agreements encourage students to decide at an early stage to graduate from high school. These agreements complement the diplomas linked to them by additional services such as early enrolment and student orientation.